Using occult fire1

This morning at 2:25 I went out to walk. I crossed Sulochana's street and came to my 500-metre mark. A car drove past me. It was older than the oldest. I was on the pavement, so there was no problem while the car was driving by. All of a sudden the driver stopped the car, got out very abruptly and looked at me in a very hostile way. Then he started running towards me. He was a tall, thin, young black man. I saw that I was about to have an unfortunate experience.

Instead of running away, I took two steps towards him and used five cents' worth of my occult fire. Immediately he ran back to his car. He was not a divine person at all. He was about to do something undivine. These past few weeks, I have been walking at two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock and nobody has bothered me. Union Turnpike is so good —- it is very bright. But these local streets are full of trees and so many places are very dark.

  1. WCB 53. 15 September 1998