Adopted by a little dog1

I came to my new 800-metre mark. It is a round circle and a long line. There I saw a white dog that looked exactly like my Sona. It was white and bulky. I did not pay any attention to the dog. I was just walking.

Then the dog started following me and licking my left calf so affectionately and lovingly. I covered more than ten metres and it was only licking my leg. The owner came running. He said to his dog, "You love this man more than you love me, Tak!" The name of the dog was Tak. Then he grabbed the dog and put it on his heart and went into his house.

Here the dog not only followed me, but it was licking very affectionately my left calf. I knew that it was not going to bite me. It was only showing me all its affection.

How many incidents one can have in the course of a walk!

  1. WCB 69. 29 September 1998