The memorable mile1

This morning I went out to walk at 4:20 and I came back at 5:10. Nobody will be able to guess correctly how far I walked. In fifty minutes, I walked one mile. One mile! Every twenty metres I had to stop and massage my legs, sometimes holding the rail or the fence. I went along 150th Street to the service road and made a left turn. Then I went up to my 800-metre mark and turned around.

When I was returning, around 300 metres or so, a car stopped and Aushadi came out of the car to greet me. Then I continued walking. What kind of pain I had! Usually I go six or seven miles, but today I could not. I need rest. Tomorrow I will take complete rest.

This experience I shall always remember: fifty minutes I took for one mile! There was, unfortunately, no juicy story, nothing. Only I saw four or five buses. At that hour there was nobody to sympathise with me. The buses were empty, empty, empty. There were no passengers inside.

  1. WCB 70. 1 October 1998