Question: In your spiritual philosophy, what role do the poor, sick and aged have? What role do women have?

Sri Chinmoy: In my philosophy everyone, including the poor, sick and aged, belongs to one family — God’s Family. God is at once poor and rich, sick and healthy, young and old, for He exists inside each and every individual. Here on earth we are all God’s children.

God wants us to be spiritually hungry. Once we are hungry, He feeds us with His Compassion and Love. This Compassion and Love are not the monopoly of certain people; they are for all those who cry for them. To realise God, neither prosperity nor poverty is needed. It is the inner cry that is of supreme importance. This cry is the only necessity for God-realisation, and it can be had by anyone, regardless of age, health or worldly position.

Similarly, both men and women have the same right to claim God as their very own. That is not to say that men and women should always play the same kind of role in God’s Cosmic Play. They may have different parts to play, but each one is needed to fulfil God the Transcendental in Heaven and God the Universal on earth. In God’s Eye, men and women are equally important.