Question: Will mankind survive the impending ecological disasters? How can our modern technological society be taught to respect our home, the planet Earth?

Sri Chinmoy: Mankind will survive everything precisely because God will not allow His perfection-manifestation on earth to be a failure. But it is very difficult to impress upon others the necessity of respecting and preserving our Mother-Earth. If we try to play the role of enforcers, we will not be successful. Nobody wants to learn anything by outer force. Everybody has to be taught through inner persuasion and outer example.

Inner persuasion has to be founded upon our prayers and meditations. Those who are conscious of the higher ideals have to pray to God and meditate on God to illumine the destruction-thirsty minds of the world and transform them into perfection-longing minds. Also, we have to pray to God and meditate on God to create and develop a genuine universal oneness-hunger in the life of humanity.

The development of technology is not bad in itself. But we have to see whether technology is utilised for the divine satisfaction of mankind or for man’s mutual self-destruction. Our planet Earth, which God has chosen for His complete manifestation, will be inundated with light and delight when we all live in our purity-heart-garden and not in our impurity-mind-jungle.

In this sense, each seeker has a special role to play in the protection of our small planet. It is the illumination of the individual mind and spirit that will precede the awakening of a new collective awareness. The change in individual attitudes will be the precursor of a change in institutional policies, and the result will be a greater respect and love for our planet Earth.