Question: God is all Love and Goodness. Will He allow mankind, in its arrogance and greed, to destroy the world?

Sri Chinmoy: Precisely because He is all Love and all Goodness, God will never allow mankind to destroy this beautiful world of His. Sleeplessly He tells us to claim His world as our own, and to serve Him in this world by increasing the purity and divinity of our lives.

We can all see that the world has recently made tremendous progress. God has successfully inspired the human mind and heart to aspire towards a more harmonious world. He is infusing the earth-consciousness with greater oneness-light to go beyond national boundaries and other divisions. In the past year, for example, many dramatic steps towards peace and harmony have been taken around the world, especially in the USSR and in Eastern Europe. That these changes could have occurred and that these barriers could have come down in our lifetime was previously beyond our imagination. Some people are calling these dramatic and unexpected events miracles of God in and through mankind.

We must remember that the Creator is always more powerful than His creation. The Creator can easily influence or change the negative and destructive forces in the world. Our Beloved Supreme could stop a pending nuclear disaster, for example, by changing the mind of the pilot who was about to drop the life-devastating bomb. So we must have faith in our Creator and trust that He will, without fail, do the needful for His creation.