The plane ride to Scotland20

In the airport I had gone to a bookstore and bought three ballpoints so I wouldn’t have to be a beggar anymore. On the plane one of the stewards asked me to fill out a form that I would need to enter Scotland. Emily was five or six metres behind me. When she heard that I was supposed to write something, she came running with a ballpoint even before I could get my own out of my bag. So this is the difference between disciples and non-disciples!

Hannelore, Robert and four or five other German disciples were also on the plane, but they didn’t know beforehand that I would be on the same flight. The disciples were so happy and delighted to be on the plane with me. Emily sat behind me and the other disciples had seats near me, although no one sat right beside me. None of the disciples talked. They were absolutely silent, sitting and meditating. The American girls, on the other hand, will talk about their breakfast, their running, their shopping — everything — when they fly with me.

WE 20. 20 May 1982