The missing tote-a-tune21

Around three o’clock in the afternoon we were supposed to leave for the concert in Dundee; Shantishri was going to drive. I was sitting downstairs in the hotel waiting for Janaka and Janani, who were late. As soon as I saw them, I jumped up. I had a blue bag and a tote-a-tune with me, but because I was in a terrible rush, I left the tote-a-tune.

Shantishri had been driving for only three or four minutes when I realised that my tote-a-tune was missing. She drove back to the hotel and I went to the chair where I had been sitting. But the tote-a-tune was gone. One of the porters said, “I saw it,” and gave me a full description. But he said that he had not taken it. What could we do? It was getting late, so we had to leave for the concert. Then Shantishri had to drive seventy or eighty miles per hour because we were so late.

The following day the police came and searched everywhere, but they could not find the tote-a-tune.

WE 21. 20 May 1982