Concorde confusion

I was coming home on the Concorde. The man who gave me my ticket said it was leaving from Gate 10 at seven o’clock.

Before seven o’clock they made the announcement: “British Airways bound for New York is now boarding at Gate 10.” So I went there and gave the lady at the gate my ticket. As usual, she tore off a portion and gave the other portion to me. Then I entered into the plane.

When I got inside, the man checking tickets said, “Wrong plane!”

I said, “How could it be the wrong plane? The man at the ticket counter told me to come to Gate 10, and the lady at the door took my ticket.”

He said, “No, you are supposed to go on the Concorde, and this is a regular plane.”

I went back to the lady at the gate and said, “Why did you send me into this plane?”

Then she started barking at me, saying, “Who asked you to go there?”

I said, “I gave you the ticket. What do I know about it? If it was not the right plane, you should have told me!”

Then an officer came and scolded her because it was her fault. He told me the correct gate to go to.

My plane was supposed to have left at seven o’clock, but it had been delayed. After that I had to wait several more hours for my flight. The Concorde is supposed to save time, so this is how I saved time!

— 8 October 1988