Charlie and David

When I was finally on the plane, a man fatter than the fattest came up to me and said, "Can I see your ticket?"

I said, "Yes."

He said, "I have to see whether you are Charlie or David."

'C' and 'D' he wouldn't say, only Charlie and David! My ticket happened to be 11C — Charlie. That was the aisle seat.

He asked, "Do you mind if I change with you? My seat is David."

I answered, "No, it is fine."

Unfortunately, the Concorde seats are very, very narrow, and he couldn't fit into the seat. His thighs went very nicely into the space where I was sitting, although I was trying desperately to squeeze myself against the window. How much I suffered!

He was very, very nice, but so fat! Although the Concorde is very expensive — even more than first class — the seats are very small. The Concorde is only for those who are in a tremendous hurry. But if the flight is delayed, it is really useless.

— 8 October 1988