I need sleep

At six-thirty in the morning I was playing the cello in my hotel room in Hua Hin. All of a sudden I heard a pounding on my door: bang, bang, bang! A lady was screaming. I thought she was saying, "Police, police!" but she was actually saying, "Sleep, sleep!"

I looked through the viewing hole in the door and saw that she had only a white towel around her. So I didn't open the door. She was saying, "I need sleep, I need sleep!"

I said, "Sorry, sorry, sorry!"

I was playing the cello, not the saxophone, but she couldn't sleep.

Five or six years ago when I was playing the cello in my hotel room, a man came to my door and said, "You play well, but my daughter is sick, so I am asking you to stop."

— 27 December 1988