The uncivilised Indian

At the Holiday Inn in Kuching, Borneo, there was an Indian restaurant. When I went there, they did not want to let me in because I was uncivilised — wearing shorts.

I said, "I am an Indian. You won't allow me in?"

The girl said, "Let me go and speak to the boss."

The boss said, "All right, as long as you aren't wearing sandals." Fortunately, I was wearing my running shoes.

Then I showed the girl what I wanted on the menu. Half an hour later the food still had not come. When I asked the girl what was going on, she said, "You have not ordered." She had forgotten!

I got mad at her and the boss scolded her. Then she came to me for consolation. I said that I forget things every day and told her that I was not angry.

The poor girl had been working there for only two weeks. She was so happy that I had forgiven her.

— 29 December 1988