A visitor in the inner world

On January 7th, we had our first seven-hour meditation for this year. I do hope that we can have a seven-hour meditation on the 7th of every month.

During the meditation, when the disciples were singing “Nimne dharanir,” the great spiritual Master Gorakshanath came to me in the inner world and said, “When I was on earth I performed so many miracles.”

Gorakshanath had tremendous occult and spiritual power. Because of him, for months there would be no rain. If I say there should be no rain, immediately there will be a downpour!

The higher you go, the less you perform miracles outwardly and the more you perform miracles inwardly. Again, sometimes a hero-warrior has to examine whether his swords are sharp or not, if they are blunt or if they are still working. He has to see if they are in good condition. Otherwise, they can be rusty and dusty. But, in the case of most spiritual Masters, all this takes place inwardly.

— 9 January 1998, Cancún, Mexico