Passing along the good news

Perhaps some of you do not know that the day before yesterday the Mayor of Guatemala City, Oscar Berger, declared that Guatemala City has become another Peace-Blossom Capital.

How did I find out? I am staying here in Cancun, Mexico. I called Minati at my house in New York.

I asked her, "What news?"

Minati said, "Guru, I am sure you know already."

I said, "What is the good news?" Then she told me all about what the Mayor had done.

I was so surprised. I asked her, "How could you know? How did you get this news?"

She said, "Dipali told me."

And how did Dipali know? She found out from one girl in Houston. This girl phoned up Dipali and gave her the good news. So Minati is the right person to tell me!

Just one week ago, the Governor of the area where we were staying in Lake Atitlan declared that Lake Atitlan is now a Sri Chinmoy Peace Lake.

—- 12 January 1998, Cancun, Mexico