Caller: I'm a runner, and I've seen a poster in a shop just recently for a run with Sri Chinmoy's name. Sri Chinmoy must be a runner as well as a meditation Master. I was just wondering what he had to say about that.

Sri Chinmoy: Physical fitness is of great importance in our life. If the body is in good condition, then we can perform all our activities well. Running in the outer life makes us active and dynamic. Also, the outer running reminds us that we must run inwardly. Each human being is walking along Eternity’s Road. If we can run in the inner world instead of just walking, then our progress will be much faster, and we will reach our goal sooner. So every day we run or do physical exercises in order to become strong, healthy and dynamic. These qualities in our outer life help us considerably in our inner life. Again, our prayer and meditation also help us in our running. Through prayer and meditation we can develop intense will-power. This will-power can help us do extremely well in our outer running.