Caller: I find that when Sri Chinmoy speaks about meditation, it sounds very familiar and very normal, although I always thought that meditation was something quite remote. The way he expresses it makes it seem very natural and practical. Can Sri Chinmoy comment on that?

Sri Chinmoy: It is a wrong conception that meditation is something abnormal, or that we have to enter into the Himalayan caves in order to realise God. God is everywhere. When we approach God with our heart, we feel closeness and oneness with the rest of the world. When we pray and meditate properly, we feel that there is only one family, and that is God’s Family. If we approach reality with our heart, then we will see that there is nothing but oneness. We have to meditate in the heart, with the heart, to bring forward the soul. If we can do this, then we will always feel abiding oneness within us.