Interviewer: My guest in the studio today is Indian spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy, and we've been talking about meditation and our relationship with God. One of the ways in which creativity is expressed through Sri Chinmoy is in the area of music. He has composed thousands of songs, including one piece dedicated to Hawaii. Would you like to tell us a little bit about this song?

Sri Chinmoy: A week ago I composed this song, which is my soulful dedication to the soul of Hawaii. I have been deeply moved, inspired and energised by the inner and outer beauty of Hawaii. Here in Hawaii we see two aspects of the divine Reality: power and beauty. Usually we do not see these two mighty attributes together. But here I see both beauty and power. When I look at the mountains, I see beauty and power. When I look at the sea, I see beauty and power. When I look at nature all around, it is all beauty and power. When I look at the individuals who live here, again I see beauty and power. Beauty and power together have inspired and illumined me here in Hawaii, and the result is this, my most humble and most soulful offering to the soul of Hawaii:

Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!
O eastern sun, O western sky!
Quality-heart, quantity-mind:
Truth-seekers, life-lovers,
In you find.

Now I wish to sing the song.

[Sri Chinmoy sings.]

Interviewer: Thank you very much; it’s lovely. You've been listening to spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy singing a song that he composed about a week ago. I love that idea of the beauty and power of Hawaii side by side. A lovely thought, a lovely thought.

One thing I wanted to mention — earlier you were talking about radio. One of the very powerful things that I feel is unique to radio is that it is a very emotional medium. Radio is the medium of the heart, whereas television is a visual medium. I think that one of the things that happens with this programme, and with other radio programmes as well, is that the listener gets a kind of inner feeling about the person who is being interviewed. I think that today the listeners, in addition to hearing what you are saying, have had the opportunity to get a very deep feeling about you. You have been talking about the heart, and I hope that they have been able to feel the universal aspect of your heart and of your work. And I want to really commend you for your contributions, not only to individual seekers, but also to the entire planet through the United Nations. We do live on one planet.

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely true, and we are of one family; therefore, we should be for one family: mankind. Meditation teaches us the consciousness of oneness, and it is that awareness which unites both Heaven and earth.

Interviewer: It’s past eleven, and I know that you have another engagement. I would love to have you join us again sometime when you are here. You are certainly most welcome, and this has been thoroughly delightful.

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the golden opportunity to be of real, dedicated service to many, many sincere seekers here in Hawaii.