Silence is the greatness of the human mind. Silence is the goodness of the divine heart. Silence is the selflessness of the perfect soul.

Silence loves God's inner Beauty. Silence reveals God's inner Duty. God's inner Beauty awakens the human seeker in us. God's inner Duty fulfils the divine lover in us.

Silence is the God-Song. This Song is an ever-transcending experience. Silence is the God-Music. This Music is an ever-illumining realisation.

There are two realities: sound-reality and silence-reality. Sound-reality is self-reliance. Silence-reality is God-reliance. Sound-reality is self-declaration and self-admiration. Silence-reality is God-adoration. Sound-reality is the declaration of our human autocracy and supremacy. Silence-reality is our constant self-transformation in God's Compassion-Heart.

A man of silence has a free access to God's personal properties. These properties are Eternity, Infinity and Immortality. In the soul of Eternity, man the seeker learns from God. In the heart of Infinity, man the seeker speaks to God. In the life of Immortality, man the seeker becomes another God.

WNY 14. Fordham University, Bronx, NY — 28 March 1978