An inner conversation12

Bhavani’s soul came this morning at exactly 3:29, our earthly time, to be blessed.13 Good, very good blessings she received from her Master.

As soon as she came, she got frightened to death when she saw me meditating, high, higher, highest, looking at the picture of Mother Kali. The picture frame has some bright lights inside it. Bhavani asked, “What is this? What is this?”

I said, “You cannot recognise yourself?” Bhavani is an aspect of Mother Durga and Mother Kali! The electric lights were dazzling her and her soul got frightened. This is what happens. If you have not realised God, then even if you are a soul, you are bound to be frightened by these dazzling lights.

She looked at the lights. Then she turned around and I blessed her and blessed her. I said, “I am going to observe your birthday.” Her birthday is in January, on the 11th. Her soul will again come on that day. I said, “This time, stay a little. Do not get frightened and go away. I definitely told your son Sahadeva that I will observe his birthday today.”

Many things we discussed. We talked and talked. She is a good talker; I am a good talker. She talks in exactly the way she did in her human form — so fast! She can speak sixteen to the dozen, easily. Such love, such devotion, such surrender, where will you see? Mostly we talked about the world situation. I cannot share with you what we said. If it had been something purely on the spiritual level, then I could have told you. But it was not on the spiritual level; it was all on the political level.

I know the time was 3:29 because there is a watch under Mother Kali’s picture. One of the disciples bought this frame and placed the watch under it. The watch reminds us that earthly time, human time, has to be at the feet of the Heavenly time. Earthly time binds us; Heavenly time liberates us.

I was amused when Bhavani saw the picture of Mother Kali and the light was flashing. She got a little bit frightened. I was charmed and she was frightened.

Bhavani came today only for her son Sahadeva’s birthday. These souls are just on the next floor. There is a big mirror in between, so they can see us. As we are unhappy on earth with the world situation, they are infinitely more unhappy than we are, because they are on the top of the tree. They can see us far better than we can see them. We have to stretch our necks and strain and strain, but they can easily see us. When they see we are helpless and hopeless because of the world situation, they feel miserable. Again, they are equally helpless. They see we are suffering, but in no way are they able, at this point, to help us. That is why they are also suffering.

These souls suffer because they see that for various reasons Heaven cannot do things that Heaven wants to do for earth. Why? Precisely because earth does not want and does not need Heaven’s help. Such being the case, what can they do? If I have hunger, then somebody will come and feed me. If I have no hunger and somebody feels that I am hungry or thirsty, then I will say, “No, I am not hungry, I am not thirsty.” Again, if I am hungry and thirsty, I have my own way to quench my thirst and feed my hunger. Then what can be done?

WSI 16. 27 December 2001, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

WSI 16,1. Bhavani left this world on 25 December 2000. She was a disciple in the London Sri Chinmoy Centre along with her husband, Kaivalya, and their sons, Devashishu and Sahadeva.