If you are with me, then be for me14

Dear ones, you have come here to be happy. I have come here also with the same purpose: to be happy. You know you have a certain way to make yourself happy and you feel that, if I do please you in your own way, then you will be happy. To those of you who expect me to make you happy all the time, I wish to say that it is an impossible task. Only God can fulfil your desire.

One or two disciples are saying that I do not give enough attention or adequate attention to meditation. With regard to meditation, you are judging me according to your own way. Early in the morning I pray and I offer you prayers and meditations. I feel that is more than enough. If you are a real disciple, you can practise on your own. There are some daily prayers that will definitely help in clearing the obscure, impure mind.

I want to live with those around me who will give me happy hearts, happy minds and happy faces. If you expect everything from me in your own way, I am the wrong person, absolutely the wrong person.

If God has given me realisation, if He has chosen me to be His representative on earth for Him, then to those who will remain faithful to me throughout Eternity, I give the assurance that I belong to them and they belong to me. If you are ready to be with me, then be for me — in body, vital, mind, heart and soul. Ask your heart if you are with me. If you are with me, then you are obliged to be for me.

I meditate in my own way. When one realises God, God meditates in and through him twenty-four hours a day. Apart from that, because of the world crises — which are not decreasing, but only increasing and increasing — there is not a single day that I do not meditate for at least seven hours. Some days I meditate nine to ten hours. Today I am talking, but I am also meditating. The way the disciples are supposed to pray and meditate, I am meditating a minimum of seven hours, sometimes nine or ten hours. When one comes into the world and takes responsibility for others, this is what he is supposed to do.

At night, the plays you perform are for relaxation. This is not a nightclub. Our performances are not soap operas; they are innocent relaxation. The whole day you are in the hustle and bustle of life and activity, so we have a little entertainment in the evening. Otherwise, some people may watch television or read newspapers or enjoy wild gossip. Our innocent plays give me boundless joy. This innocent relaxation is for your safety. I know what I have been going through and what God is going through. These plays give me, also, a little innocent relaxation.

Again, dear ones, if you are with me, then wholeheartedly be for me. Offer me your undivided attention. If you want to be with me and be faithful to me, then stay with me. Alas, when I look at some of your faces, I am seeing that your mind and heart are not here. Your mind is somewhere else, your heart is somewhere else, somewhere else.

Sri Ramakrishna had disciples like Nag Mahashoy who absolutely would not hear one word against their Master. If you are for me, then you can do me the biggest favour by sealing your ears to undivine comments. According to Indian philosophy, the worst possible sin is to hear people speaking ill of one’s Master. Sri Ramakrishna said this and other Masters say this.

I know I have some absolutely loyal disciples who will fight for me to the end. Then there are some disciples who write to me every second that they have made unconditional surrender, but the next moment, even ordinary surrender is farther than the farthest in their lives. It is not in writing but in action that your love, devotion and surrender must be expressed. When I look at you, when I look into your eyes, when I examine your heart, I wish to see that you are only for me, only for me. And if you are not only for me, what can I say? My boat is meant only for those who are one hundred per cent for me. Let me be with those who are one hundred per cent for me, inwardly and outwardly. While you are with me, while you are still on my path, only be for me. Only be for me.

WSI 17. 27 December 2001, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia