Without God's Grace, we are nothing

For the last few months, I have given up heavy weightlifting. Then, just last month, on three separate days, I tried to lift up 155 pounds. My bodyweight is a little under 155. I am extremely pleased to tell you that I was able to lift up 155 pounds with one arm on all the three days quite easily—that means quite satisfactorily.

Although I have given up heavy weightlifting, the infinite Compassion of my Beloved Lord Supreme unconditionally remains in my heart of aspiration and in my life of dedication. So let us depend entirely and all the time on the unconditional Grace of our Beloved Supreme. Without His Grace, we can do nothing. Without His Grace, we are nothing and nothing and nothing. With His Grace unconditional, we are everything, more than everything, at every moment. We must remember that His Eternity’s unconditional and infinite Compassion is the only thing that we can claim to be our own, very own. Everything else and everybody else will fail us, but never our Beloved Lord Supreme and His infinite Compassion.

18 November 1987