An experience with Mahasamrat's soul

Today, while the singers were singing my song for Mahasamrat, his soul was right in front of me and in the inner world I placed on his head a most, most beautiful crown. Even the soul has a head! His soul is extremely beautiful and on the stage it was like a child, moving this side and that side. When I placed the beautiful crown on his head, he was unimaginably happy. His hands were cupped together and he was shedding such tears of delight. Then he disappeared. So this was my inner experience.

Now his soul has come and it is right near my elbow. His soul has a cute way of smiling, with a little bit of shyness. For a human being, I would say that he is blushing. The soul is very cute, amused and a little bit embarrassed because I am saying such nice things about it.

18 November 1987