Question: So you can say you are still a Hindu?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, I am a Hindu. I was born in the Ghose family. My surname is Ghose, which is a Hindu name. How can I deny it? I was born into a Hindu family, so I am a Hindu. But when I mix with my friends, I only use the name Chinmoy. My friends know me as Chinmoy. They do not have to use my surname. Similarly, if I can establish my oneness with the rest of the world and see others as my friends, or as my brothers and sisters, I do not need to think of religion at that time. We have to establish our love and oneness with others, although we all have different religions. Real religion is love of God.

If I truly love God, then I have to go beyond the boundaries of religion and feel my oneness with all of God’s children. But if somebody asks me what religion I was born into, immediately I will have to say that I was born into the Hindu religion.