Question: During meditation sometimes my hands shake or my body trembles. Sometimes my body bends backwards. Today during the meditation I could not stop crying. What is the meaning of these symptoms?

Sri Chinmoy: Today your soul has come forward. Today your soul has recognised in me something very special. Today your soul has received my blessingful love and light. That is why you were shedding tears today.

Now let me say something about the symptoms you mentioned. When you meditate, you have to breathe in as slowly and quietly as possible, so that your subtle nerves can get nourishment. Some of your subtle nerves are not strong enough. That is why you are assuming all these peculiar poses. There is some disharmony in your subtle nerves.

When you meditate, your breath has to be very calm and quiet. Inhale and exhale very quietly. Then you will be all right. But today’s experience was very different. Today you had a very soulful experience.