Question: I work on the computer eight to twelve hours a day for my job, and I have not been able to figure out how to be in my heart and be soulful while working on the computer.

Sri Chinmoy: My mind is here, inside this bald head, and I can see you with my human eyes! Again, if I want to see you in a different way, either with my third eye or with my heart, I can. Imagine that inside my heart there are two eyes. If I do not wish to use my human eyes, inside my heart there are two eyes absolutely wide open.

Similarly, when you are working on the computer, your mind or brain has entered into the machine. But if you know that there is something inside you, inside your heart, that is also entering into the machine, then you are bound to feel soulful. When you are focusing your attention or concentration on an object, you feel that this concentration can come only from your mind and not from anywhere else. But you can also concentrate with your heart. Kindly try. A day will come when you will become soulfully one with the machine. Then you will see that everything is coming from the heart. Now we are desperately trying to grab the mind. It is like an unruly monkey. We are trying to grab the monkey and threaten it. In our spiritual life, we are trying to grab the restless mind and put it into the heart.

Your mind is helping you to work and earn a salary. But I am saying that you can use the heart as well. The heart also has that capacity, but right now you are using the mind and the heart separately. A day will come when your mind’s concentration will go through your heart to the object. Now it is going there directly. But there shall come a time, there must come a time, when the mind goes through the heart, and with the heart’s aspiration, dedication and light it operates. Then you are bound to be soulful while you are working on your computer, no matter how many hours you work.