Question: Do you feel that your disciples have made progress over the years?1

Sri Chinmoy: If I have to be sincere, I must say that people came with such promise, but some of them have destroyed their promise only by comparing themselves with others. They are not comparing themselves with their own lives. If they had examined their progress and felt the necessity of making more progress, if they had felt the necessity of becoming better instruments, then they would have made unimaginable progress. But they made comparisons with others; they looked around, this way and that way. They did not look inside; they did not dive deep within. In the beginning they started looking inside their own existence. But then, after a few years, in many cases their eyes were functioning only to see what was going on around them. Their hearts were not trying to go deeper.

  1. YBG 57-62. Sri Chinmoy answered the following questions from his disciples on 24 January 1996 at the Tropicana Hotel in Durban, South Africa, during their annual Christmas Trip