Question: Guru, you always say we should have eagerness and willingness. But why is it that people who have the light, the advanced souls, do not have eagerness to come back and help humanity? They should have the most eagerness because they have the light, they have the peace, they have the joy. How is it that they do not want to come back and help humanity?14

Sri Chinmoy: When they were on earth, these souls did enough and enough and enough! They came with milk, and most of the time humanity waved a stick at them. The souls who came to give nectar did have eagerness, eagerness, eagerness. But how long could they keep their eagerness? They came, but they were bitten. Human beings who do not aspire are like scorpions. They sting so severely. When people do not aspire, the Master brings light. But that light is darkness for some people. Why? Because they are so confused that they do not know what is light and what is darkness. What can the spiritual Master do?

YBG 63-70.Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 28 February 1996. Some were asked at PS 86 and afterwards the questions continued at his home in Jamaica, New York