About book Fifty oneness-heart-songs of a perfect God and a perfect child1

Sri Chinmoy: When I wrote this particular book, I was really, really in a childlike consciousness. With a childlike consciousness, there is no mind involved. If we can approach children's hearts, if we can be at their level, how sweet it is! In this respect, sometimes grandparents are so good. They are seventy or eighty years old and their grandchildren are little, but they never think of the age difference; they never try to give the little ones advice. On the contrary, they would like to be as simple and as spontaneous as their little ones.

If teachers can teach their students with the same feeling, the students will get tremendous joy from learning. In a child's game, if a grown-up who is very strong and stout joins, and if this person just shows off and scolds the other players, then the children will get tired of playing with him. Why do they need him? But if the same grown-up comes and plays with enthusiasm, and if in spite of being an excellent player he makes mistakes, then the children get such joy. Similarly, when you are teaching children, you have to feel that you are seven years old. Do not feel that you are the oldest and wisest person. Do not think of your power-aspect. Think of your love-aspect.

Children are our dreams. Children are our heart-flowers. If we can welcome them with our hearts, it is to our great advantage.

  1. YBG 71. While he was in China in 2004-2005, Sri Chinmoy wrote a book for children entitled Fifty oneness-heart-songs of a perfect God and a perfect child. He wrote the book while travelling on a bus. On 24 January 2005, in Huangshan, Sri Chinmoy spoke about the book and answered questions about children.