Question: Before you received the inner Command to come to America, did you feel you were in preparation? Were you waiting consciously?1

Sri Chinmoy: I did not want to know the future. If there is joy, it is not in knowing the future, even if there is a sunlit path ahead. It is like this: if after A, B always comes, then you do not get any joy. It becomes monotonous. But if everything that comes is a surprise, then there is joy.

If your father, let us say, told you everything that would happen from A to Z, from the beginning to the end, you would not value B, C, D and E, because they are all in the beginning. Step by step we have to value our life.

While climbing up the staircase, if you place your right foot and then your left foot, you will not break your legs. But if you try to jump, you may break your legs. You have to go slowly.

  1. YBG 9-10. Sri Chinmoy answered the following questions at his home in Jamaica, New York on 13 June 1988