Where does the soul rest when it first leaves the body? Does it carry over its bodily or earthly limitations?

When the soul leaves the body, it first stays in the vital world for a short period. Some souls suffer there; others do not. It is like visiting a strange, new country. Some are fortunate enough to mix freely with the people of the new country and understand its culture in almost no time, while others are not so fortunate.

The soul does not carry over any earthly limitations to the higher worlds. The soul or psychic being, while leaving the body and going back to its own region, gathers together the quintessence of its earthly experiences. It stays for some time in its own region and then it comes back into this world with a new determination and new possibilities to realise and fulfil the Divine here on earth.

Sri Chinmoy, Yoga and the spiritual life. The journey of India's Soul..First published by Agni Press in 1971.

This is the 3rd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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