Question: I don't know why my mother objects so strongly to my coming to you.

Sri Chinmoy: The parents of some disciples are jealous because they see that their children are listening to me. But they do not realise one thing — that I know these are the children of the Supreme. They are not my children. You have an eternal Father, who is the Supreme, and I am in touch with the Supreme, so I know what is best for you and I tell you. If your mother is truly fond of you, then in your happiness will be her happiness. A real mother eventually surrenders to the happiness of the child. We have had quite a few instances where for three or four years the parents of the disciples were so displeased with us. They said, “How is it that we are their parents and they don’t listen to us, but they listen to an Indian Guru?” But finally both parents saw that the Indian rascal was not as bad as they thought. He had changed their children for the better and had brought them happiness.

Then the parents also say, “We gave them money, but they were not happy. We gave them sound advice, but they did not take it. We offered them everything we had, but they did not accept it. By what kind of magic has he now given them happiness? We tried to make them happy in every way, but we could not.” These parents were digging my grave and making my coffin ready. But now they see their children’s happiness. Many parents who began by digging my grave are now coming to our Centre or to our big functions. They appreciate and admire me and tell me how happy and grateful they are that their children are now in good hands. They see that their children are not smoking, drinking or taking drugs, so now I am their genuine saviour.

What do parents want for their children? Only happiness. In the beginning pride comes forward. “They are my children. What right does he have to exercise his authority?” But afterwards, they see that it is not a matter of authority, only of love. So many parents are now full of appreciation for me because their children are happy. Your mother will observe you for some time, and when she sees your happiness shining or blossoming, she will say, “I didn’t see this happiness before in my son. He was a very great musician, but where was his happiness? He had name, fame and wealth before he entered onto this path, but these things did not give him inner joy, inner light or inner confidence.”

So please do not worry. She is not far from our path. She is only watching. She wants to see whether you have done the right thing. You have done absolutely the right thing. Just wait a little longer. It is just a matter of time.