Question: Guru, what is the purpose of telling you things outwardly? I mean, what do you actually need to know from us outwardly?

Sri Chinmoy: It helps the disciples, and it also helps me. The disciples then feel that I really have concern for them on the physical and mental planes as well as on the spiritual planes. They feel that the human in me also takes an interest in their activities. I ask all my disciples to do some kind of regular work. I tell them not to lead a vagabond life. I know that they are all doing something, so why do I actually ask them what they are doing? I ask so that they will see that I am interested in them. When I have the opportunity, I become involved in your outer activities. This convinces the physical mind. Otherwise, the physical mind will say, “No, he does not care for our outer life. He only cares for our inner life.” But that is not true. I do care for your outer life also.

Sometimes I actually already know what you are doing before I ask, and sometimes I do not know. If I know your soul, and how much progress you have made, that is most important to me. If you become the President of the United States, it might not help your soul. My main concern is with your soul, and how your soul will make the fastest progress. If the outer achievement comes from the realisation of the soul, then it is worth much. Otherwise, in outer achievements you may become great, but your inner achievements may be eclipsed.

The important thing is for you to be great inwardly. Achieving inner greatness is the hardest work. From that you can easily come to outer greatness if you want to. It is not necessary for me to know what you eat for breakfast. But if you meditate regularly in the morning, that is most important to me. That you feed your body with most delicious food is unimportant. But I want to know, did you feed your soul? Did you meditate? If you have meditated, then I know you are fulfilling God.