Question: What do you look for in the applicant?

Sri Chinmoy: When I look at the picture, immediately I concentrate on the soul and ask the Supreme whether this soul is meant for my path or not. With my own vision I see the answer, but in order to verify it, I ask the Supreme, who is my Guru, who is everybody’s Guru. If the Supreme says, “Yes, accept him,” then I say yes. If He says, “No, he is meant for somebody else,” then I do not. I cannot take all and sundry in my boat or the boat will capsize. If somebody is meant for another Master, I have no right to accept him. All true spiritual Masters are brothers, and our Father is the same God. It is quite immaterial to us who takes whom, as long as our younger brothers, the seekers, are taken care of. If one older brother takes a few younger brothers and another older brother takes a few other younger brothers to the Father, that is the way it should be.