Question: Are there cases where you may not accept the person at one time and you may accept him later?

Sri Chinmoy: It has been like that in a few cases. After six months or a year or two I may accept them. When I see that they are not yet ready but will be ready later, I give them some consolation by telling them to come back in the future. In the meantime, they can try some other path to be sure that the spiritual life is what they want. I know that right now there is still some curiosity in their minds. Sincerity is there, but curiosity dominates, so I feel that this is not the right time for them. If I accept somebody who is still in the curiosity-world, he may accept me for one day and then go to another group the day after tomorrow. That would only be a waste of my time and spiritual energy. I accept only those who really need me.

All those who already have Masters are really lucky. I am truly proud of their inner awakening. There are many seekers who will not feel that this is their path. I wish to offer my deepest good wishes to them in finding their own Masters. If I am not meant for them, I do not feel sorry. I only pray to the Supreme that they will get their Masters as soon as possible, because there is a great difference between having a real spiritual Master, a God-realised Master, and following the spiritual life all by yourself. When you are alone, constant doubt, fear and feelings of unworthiness may haunt you. But if you have a Master, he will act as a source of inspiration, aspiration and faith for you. The spiritual Master is not like a school teacher. A school teacher teaches you, and then he examines you and passes or fails you according to your merit. But a real spiritual Master is a private tutor. The spiritual Master will help you and teach you what you need so that you will pass your inner examination. He will bring down constant Compassion from the Highest. It is with the Compassion-Light of the Highest that you can make the fastest progress.