Harvard questions and answers

The following questions and answers were transcribed from Sri Chinmoy's visit to the Andover A. Harvard Divinity School on 16 April 1975.

Question: How can one have more faith or stronger faith?

Sri Chinmoy: You can develop more faith, abundant faith and boundless faith by mixing with someone who already has this faith. It is like mixing with a person who has more knowledge than you have; it brings to the fore your own knowledge. Similarly, when one has more faith than you have, your faith-flame will be kindled. If you feel that somebody has more faith in God than you have, then it is advisable to mix with him. Even if you do not get the opportunity to talk to him all the time, his very presence in silence will increase the faith within you. It is always advisable for you as a seeker to mix with someone who has more talent, more capacity, more aspiration than you have. Unconsciously, not consciously, your heart will be able to draw, like a magnet, aspiration, peace and other divine qualities from the one who has more than you have.