Question: There is a lot of sickness and sadness in the world. What is the best way to seek spiritual healing?

Sri Chinmoy: The best way to seek spiritual healing is to offer gratitude every day for a fleeting second to the Supreme Healer. When we offer our gratitude to Him for what we have or for what we are right now, then our heart of aspiration increases, our heart of dedication increases. That means that our receptivity increases. When receptivity increases, God’s Light, which is all healing, can enter into us in abundant measure. It is in the heart of gratitude that God’s Light can permanently abide.

Illness is all around. How do we cure it? We cure it only through our gratitude-heart to the Supreme, to the Absolute, that He has given us the inner cry to cure illness. There are many who do not care to cure illness either within themselves or within the world. But just because we are seekers, we are crying and trying to cure the age-long illnesses and sufferings of mankind. Now, who has given us this good-will, this aspiration, this inner cry? God Himself. There are many millions and billions of people on earth, but how many are crying to cure the sufferings and ills of mankind? Very few. Here we are all seekers. We have the good-will, the sincere cry to cure humanity’s suffering. Since the Absolute Supreme has given us this good-will, it is our bounden duty to offer Him our gratitude. There are many around us — our friends, relatives, neighbours, acquaintances — who do not pray to God, who do not meditate on God. But we do. And who has given us this capacity? God Himself. So, if at every moment we can offer our gratitude to God, then the receptivity of our heart increases and inside our receptivity is all strength, all light, all power to cure the sufferings of mankind.