Question: How does one find one's right Guru?

Sri Chinmoy: The seeker finds his Guru on the strength of his inner feeling for his Guru. When he finds his Guru his inner being will tell him, “If this person does not give me even an iota of outer satisfaction during my whole life, I don’t mind. I do not want anything from him. I only want to give him what I have and what I am.” When a seeker sees a spiritual Master and feels that he can make that commitment to the Master, then he has found his Guru. How can he say so? He can say so because he has seen hundreds and thousands of human beings on earth. The presence of those human beings has not elevated his consciousness; they have not given him immediate joy, spontaneous joy, inner joy, illumining, fulfilling joy. But the spiritual Master who is meant for him will give him this kind of joy.

There are quite a few Masters. Each genuine Master is bound to give joy to a sincere seeker. But again, there are degrees of joy. One spiritual Master may give you an iota of joy, another may give you abundant joy, a third may give you boundless joy. His very presence will give you boundless joy. He who gives you boundless joy is your Master. That spiritual Master need not speak to you and you also need not speak to him. His very presence is bound to inundate your inner existence with joy. Inwardly you will be able to make a most soulful commitment to that spiritual Master: “Let thy will be done. I do not need anything from you. I shall not ask anything of you. I know for sure that you will do everything in and through me for my God-realisation, God-revelation and God-manifestation, at God’s choice Hour.” If a seeker can feel that kind of oneness with a spiritual Master, then undoubtedly he is the real Master for that seeker.