Question: We quite often find that our level of communication with most people can be in many ways inhibited. In your position, your experiences have probably given you the chance to relate to people on a very important level in this world. Could you share with us those experiences, and how they grow? What level of communication has been found most rewarding regarding the world situation and the personalities situation?

Sri Chinmoy: My work at the United Nations provides the most fruitful possibilities for worldwide communication. I invoke the soul of the United Nations, and when I clearly see the soul right in front of me, I communicate with the soul. Now, each worker, no matter in which capacity he or she is serving the United Nations, has an inner connection with the soul of the United Nations. So what I do is invoke the presence of the soul of the United Nations, and then try to bring to the fore the aspiration of the seekers who are around me. Then my role is over. The soul of the United Nations will supply the seekers with boundless peace, light and bliss, and each one will receive according to his capacity, of course. When I meditate on the seekers at the United Nations and elsewhere, I try to bring to the fore their eagerness to receive. Then I bring forward the soul, which has the capacity to give. The soul has and the seeker needs. When I can bring both the giver and the receiver together, I feel that I have done my job.