Question: Why is it that in all the world there are only a few spiritual seekers? And why is it that only perhaps a few of those will ever see God?

Sri Chinmoy: Everybody will see God sooner or later. Everybody has to. God will never be satisfied unless and until each individual has realised Him. That is His Will. But it is a long process, an arduous process. Today somebody becomes perfect, tomorrow somebody else and the day after, a third person. God’s cosmic Game consciously has to be played by everyone. And in this cosmic Game, everybody has to become perfect. Unless and until everybody becomes perfect, God’s Game will never be completed, just because it is difficult we can’t say that we shall not be able to complete the game.

A kindergarten student will naturally find it impossible to get an M.A. degree immediately. But he is a student. It may take him twenty, twenty-two, twenty-four years, but one day he will also become an M.A. Here we are all seekers. Even those who are wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance, if they have a sincere belief in God, are seekers in their own way. Not only those who are praying to God and meditating on God but also those who have faith in God — that God can do something for them, although He may not be doing it right now — are unconscious seekers. The very fact that they have belief in God is a sign of their God-acceptance. In the course of time, those aspirants will become like us. They will feel that mere belief won’t do, that they have to consciously try to manifest their belief, which is right now vision, in order to transform it into reality. When they have that kind of inner feeling, they become conscious seekers.

When we become conscious seekers, devoted seekers, unconditional seekers, we accelerate our spiritual progress. Then God-realisation does not remain a far cry. But we have to start. Something seems difficult when we have not consciously started. Once we consciously start something, that thing does not remain difficult. If we start unconsciously today, tomorrow we do not know that we actually started, and after a while we may totally forget about that thing. But if we pray to God soulfully and consciously, and tomorrow if we again do it consciously and soulfully, if we continue in this way, then nothing remains difficult.