Action need not be wisdom, but wisdom is not only action but the fruitful fulfilment of action.

The sense of responsibility is the beginning of action. The sense of willingness is the speed of action. The sense of selflessness is the grand culmination of action.

Hesitation is a bad enemy of action. Procrastination is a worse one. Readiness is a good friend of action. Devotedness is a better one.

Silence is the God-action of God for His entire creation. Sound is the man-action of man for man himself. When a noisy action proceeds, the goal quickly recedes. When a soundless action proceeds, the goal itself approaches the seeker’s onward speed.

Actions reveal thoughts. Thoughts reveal the mind. The mind reveals the greedy man in us.

Action is the harbinger of earth’s perfection. Perfection is the harbinger of the manifesting man’s satisfaction and the evolving God’s satisfaction.

A great action makes us feel that the world needs us. A good action reminds us always of its source: God, the Author of all good.