Questions and answers

The following questions were asked by Olga Proserski (N. Y.) at a party for her 73rd birthday.

Question: I think that I have grown very little through this year. I think I have made no progress, and you are very little satisfied with me this year.

Sri Chinmoy: No, you are wrong. You have made very good progress this year. I am extremely satisfied with you. Even while you were at the hospital, when you were in such pain, you received my blessings and light. So I am very, very pleased with you, very proud of you. Please do not think that I am displeased with you. I am extremely pleased with you. You have received my blessings, my light, my power, all the time in abundant measure. Do not underestimate your capacity. How I wish all my disciples received my light, my consciousness, as well as you do. I am very pleased, with utmost sincerity.

Very often we do not realise the progress we have made. When others tell us, we become aware of it. Sometimes the student may think that he has not done well in his examination. But to his surprise, when the results are out, it happens that he has done extremely well. You are like that student who thinks that he has not done well. It is not true. You have done extremely well. I am the teacher and you are the student, so I am telling you in utmost sincerity that you have done extremely well in the year since I last saw you here at your place. I am extremely pleased with you, extremely proud of you.