Question: How can I do better, grow more?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you do better? You can do better by offering good will to your health. Your health stands in your way. The way you can do this is to think of your eyes, and then say, “My eyes are receiving my Guru’s light.” Then think of your head, and say, “My head is receiving my Guru’s light.” Do this with all the parts of your body. Say and feel that they are receiving my light. In this way each limb, each part of your body, will feel a current or a flow, a river of life-energy. You will feel an extra life-energy flowing through your entire body. Then you are bound to make more progress. Movement is progress. If you see life-energy flowing within you from head to foot, like a river flowing, then you will feel the progress that you have been making, and your progress will automatically increase. When you repeat to yourself that your eyes, your head, your heart, your arms, your legs, are receiving my light, my consciousness, you will get tremendous joy. And this joy itself is progress. There is no better way to determine our progress than to feel joy inside our being, inside our body, vital, mind and heart.

When you say that you are receiving my light, my consciousness, and you get joy, you are not fooling yourself; you are not deceiving yourself. Sometimes we have to convince our physical mind by saying loudly what we are actually feeling. Otherwise, you are receiving light, but your mind is not convinced. But if you say to yourself, “I am receiving Guru’s light. I am receiving his love. I am receiving his blessings. I am receiving his compassion. I am receiving his concern. I am receiving his blessingful gratitude,” when you say this to yourself, you convince your outer being. Once your outer being is convinced, then you can feel the tremendous progress which you are actually making in your inner world. So please do this every day. Inner conviction you already have. Outer conviction you need. Once you have this outer conviction as well, you are bound to feel that your progress is increasing. Every day you are making new, satisfactory, illumining and fulfilling progress. You will feel it.