Question: I am curious about the physical, specially for women. It is as if our emotions become so crazy sometimes, and then we have a spiritual crisis.

Sri Chinmoy: Now let me tell you how you can tackle your problems. In the inner world, whenever any problem arises, whether physical, mental or emotional, only write down how many times I have smiled at you and how many times you have smiled at me. For thirty years you have been on the path, let us say — thirty or forty years. How many times I have smiled at you, wholeheartedly! When I give a powerful smile, at that time I hold the Universal Consciousness. If I give a real smile, a sweet, cute smile, inside that smile I keep solidly the entire beauty and fragrance of the universe. I am bragging! The entire beauty and fragrance of the universe I hold inside my smile.

Remember how many times I have given you a smile! And again, remember that when you give me a smile, you give me the whole world, the entire world. When you smile, I will value your smile, that one smile which you have given me for three or four seconds, more than millions and billions of dollars. I will value your smile much more than a huge amount of money, because with that smile, you have given everything. Talk about likes and dislikes! At that moment, if I ask you to do something difficult, you will immediately do it just because you have become inseparably one with me. If I tell you at that very moment to go and run, you will run for miles. Anything that I want you to do, anything that I have been requesting you to do for years, at that time you will do it. The mind will not say, "Oh no, the heart can do this, but I cannot."

When you are giving me a smile, with that smile you are giving your entire existence. All the divinity that you have goes inside your body, vital, mind and heart. If you give a little smile, that smile is carrying all the divinity in your heart, mind, vital and body. So you see what a smile can do!

What Mother Teresa said about the smile was so right. She said that the smile is the conqueror of the world! When a little, innocent child smiles at his parents, they forget the rest of the world. Again, when a child gets a little smile from the mother or the father, he does not need anything more. The whole world is nothing in comparison to smiles.

I am coming back to the point. When you are suffering, if you have an attack of depression, frustration or something like that, remember those days. Just write down: "Three years ago Guru smiled at me." Then go back to that moment. Use your imagination for five seconds or five minutes. Then it becomes reality. At our tennis court I gave you a smile, or I gave you a smile at a function, or in my house or in the street or at the UN. Nothing can be more powerful than your smile and my smile.

And remember also when you gave me a smile, not only my smile. When you give me your smile, then all the wrong forces that exist outside you, all the wrong forces that you feel between you and me and all the wrong forces that are inside you disappear. Nothing can be more powerful than your own smile and my smile. Immediately when you remember these smiles, you get the strength of ten lions to conquer your frustration, depression, and all the forces that have attacked you.

Try it, starting today! It may be difficult, because sometimes you do not want to be cured. Some Masters say to their disciples, "I cannot cure you because you do not want to be cured."