Eagerness is the purity of my life's tears.
Eagerness is the beauty of my heart's smiles.
Eagerness is my closeness to God the creation.
Eagerness is my oneness with God the Creator.

My eagerness is my glorious privilege
To see one step ahead, unlike others.
My eagerness does not expect surprises,
For my Captain has fully convinced me
That He not only knows the Way
But also has already planned everything for me.

From my Captain my eagerness has learned
To see every second as the birth of a new day,
And in it the complete life of a new year
To please Him in His own Way.

My Captain says to me,
“My child, because of your life’s eagerness
I am giving you My Eternity’s Life.
My child, because of your heart’s eagerness
I am giving you My Infinity’s Heart.
My child, you are your
And I am My

CC 1. 14 July 1987.