I am prepared2

My name is preparation, preparation-purity.
My Captain, what is Your Name?
“My Name is Compassion, Compassion-Beauty.”

My Captain, my body is prepared.
“Then ask your body to wake up and look around
And soulfully appreciate the beauty
Of My fruitful creation.”

My Captain, my vital is prepared.
“Then ask your vital
To go to discipline-school to study
And receive most glorious achievement-degrees.”

My Captain, my mind is prepared.
“Then ask your mind to stop living
In the fruitless thought-world,
For I want your mind to swim
In the sea of peace.”

My Captain, my heart is prepared.
“Then ask your heart to sing every day
A new oneness-song
That will please My Transcendental Vision’s
Universal Life.”

My Captain, my soul is prepared.
“Then ask your soul to come to Me immediately
And occupy its secret and sacred seat
In My Golden Boat
Which is about to start
Its birthless and deathless voyage.”

My Captain, finally, I am prepared.
“Then at this very moment I declare
You and I are Eternity’s

CC 2. 15 July 1987.