Act XI, Scene 2

(5 June 1923. Sri Aurobindo and C.R. Das. Sri Aurobindo’s residence, Pondicherry.)

C.R. DAS: A serious problem, Aurobindo.

SRI AUROBINDO: What is it?

C.R. DAS: I wish to take to spirituality.

SRI AUROBINDO (smiling): How can it be a problem at all?

C.R. DAS: It is, Aurobindo.


C.R. DAS: Politics dogs me night and day.

SRI AUROBINDO: But you know the two cannot normally go together. The aims and ideals of the usual political activity are almost always opposed to those of spirituality, to say nothing of the forces at work in politics…

C.R. DAS: Ah, you have understood my problem. Aurobindo, help me into the spiritual life.

SRI AUROBINDO: I wish I could.

C.R. DAS: What prevents you, dear friend? Aurobindo, you are to me something far more than even a dear friend. And you know that.

SRI AUROBINDO: Chitta, you must be aware that you cannot make satisfactory progress in your inner life if you do not move away altogether from absorption in politics. It influences the consciousness in a very undesirable way.

C.R. DAS: You are perfectly right. But…

SRI AUROBINDO: I understand your difficulty. All right, then; you go on with your political activities, but at the same time do your best to live your inner life. Gradually you may find that your interest in politics is giving way to your interest in a higher life.

C.R. DAS: What a burden you have taken off my shoulders! I see a ray of light and breathe in a little fresh air. But one thing more — I need your help also in another matter. Our “Swarajya Party” needs your unstinted support.

SRI AUROBINDO: I feel strongly for it. I give its stand my full inner support. You will always feel my presence in it.

C.R. DAS: I feel doubly relieved. With your presence in me, all will go well with me. Do you remember my prophecy about you at the Trial? — “His words will be echoed and re-echoed…”

SRI AUROBINDO: But what would Norton think of you if he were to overhear you?

C.R. DAS: Oh, he is now a different man. He works hand in hand with me. He now appears against the Government in political cases.

SRI AUROBINDO: Good that he is now on the side of the weak and the striving. His chivalry will pay.