Act VII, Scene 11

(After lunch.)

FOREMAN (turning to the judge): Your Honour, our fully considered verdict is unanimous so far as Aurobindo is concerned. We all are of the opinion that he is Not Guilty. As regards the others…

BEACHCROFT: I accept your verdict and acquit Aurobindo of the charges brought against him. (Turning towards C.R. Das) Mr. Das, I congratulate you on your laborious study, patience, endurance and your able conduct of the case concerning your client Aurobindo.

C.R. DAS: I thank Your Honour for your kind appreciation of my personal efforts. I thank also the members of the jury for their unflagging patience and energy in following the case in detail from day to day and for giving their well-considered verdict.

NORTON (coming forward and shaking C.R. Das by the hand): You have the reward of your labour. I congratulate you.

C.R. DAS: Thank you very much, my learned friend.