Nolini-da defends Dilip Roy

Once somebody criticised Dilip-da mercilessly about his singing, about his songs and everything. The article came out in a magazine. There will always be critics. I was working inside Nolini-da's room. Dilip-da came like a child and pleaded, "Nolini-da, Nolini-da, can you imagine how badly I have been criticised? Now you have to defend me."

Nolini-da said, "What do I know about music? If it is any other subject, if you ask me to write about your spirituality, I am ready to defend you like anything. I know your high spiritual standard and all this. I will absolutely defend you. But what do I know about music? How am I going to defend you?"

Dilip-da said, "No, no, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it. You have to write something."

Finally, Nolini-da said, "All right, I will do it."

Then Dilip Roy said, "It has to come out in the same magazine. I will force them to accept your version about my musical talents."

Poor Nolini-da, the subject was quite new to him. But Nolini-da was a genius, a savant. He might not have had singing capacity, but was there any subject he did not know? Nolini-da had to read quite a few books and dive deep within before he started writing. Then he wrote an excellent article defending Dilip-da and highly appreciating Dilip-da's music. The same magazine accepted Nolini-da's version of Dilip-da's musical genius. That is why Dilip-da was so happy and so grateful to Nolini-da.

Always Dilip-da used to make that kind of affectionate demand. And he was at that time well over fifty years old. So this is how Nolini-da made Dilip-da happy and made the Mother and Sri Aurobindo happy.

Sri Chinmoy, My Dilip-da adoration.First published by Agni Press in 2007.

This is the 1566th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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