Dilip-da receives payment for an article

One experience is funnier than the funniest. In comparison to American dollars, Indian rupees are almost worthless. One dollar is equivalent to 45 or 47 rupees. Anyway, one magazine begged Dilip-da to write an article on music, so Dilip-da complied with their request. Then they sent him three rupees as payment — three rupees!

I happened to be there at the Ashram gate. He was telling the gatekeepers and a few members of the Ashram, "Look, they have sent me three rupees!" Then he said one Bengali phrase, 'Jatha labha,' which means 'whatever you get is a gain.' But he was not upset at all. He was laughing and laughing. "They have sent me three rupees for my article. Something is better than nothing!"

He was so laughingly, happily and proudly telling everyone that he had received three rupees for his article. Dilip-da came of a wealthy family. And from his record albums, his books and his performances in Calcutta and other places, he used to get lots of money. He was extremely, extremely generous to the Ashram.

Fame is, indeed, gain. Because of his fame, Dilip-da brought tremendous glory to the Ashram.