The dearest disciple of Sri Aurobindo

Each spiritual Master has many, many disciples, but again, each Master has a connection, a very close, closer, closest connection, with a certain student or disciple. Our Indian Avatar story starts with Sri Ramachandra. Sri Ramachandra's own brother, his younger brother Lakshmana, was absolutely his dearest.

Towards the close of Lakshmana's life, after he was compelled to leave the palace, Sri Ramachandra said:

Deshe deshe kalatrani
Deshe deshe cha bandhabah
Tantu desha na pashyami
Yatra bhrata sahodara

""In all countries there are wives, in all countries there are friends, but I shall not find a brother like Lakshmana anywhere in this world.""

Lakshmana was so dear to Sri Ramachandra. He gave every second of his life to his brother. That is why Sri Ramachandra said he would never find someone as close to him as his brother.

In Sri Krishna's case, his dearest one was Arjuna. In Lord Buddha's case, it was Ananda. In Sri Chaitanya's case, it was Nityananda. In Sri Ramakrisha's case, it was his Naren [Swami Vivekananda]. In Sri Aurobindo's case, it was this one: Dilip. Sri Aurobindo said that Dilip had been His physical son in a previous incarnation.